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Man-Made Prayer for Maria

This prayer is man-made.  It was compiled by followers of the Mission and is not contained in the Book of Truth.  You are not obligated to pray it during your Jesus to Mankind Crusade of Prayer group gathering.  Some of our prayer groups, however will be praying it.  If you wish to join that effort, we offer it here for you and your group.

Our Lords Prophet suffers and she endures the pain and the agony with the Holy Family. Pray for her Dear Remnant. Offer much sacrifice as her spirit is bewildered with the world and her task. She knows Our Lord’s hand is upon her and she knows that what she has been called to do is greater than she.

Pray this prayer** daily to bring her the strength she needs to fulfill this mission for the salvation of mankind.

“Oh Glorious Father in Heaven, hear our plea and our cry to you this day and every day. Bless the prophet You have so lovingly sent to us to give us your words, your warning of Mercy, your love. Grace her in abundance with the seven gifts of Your Holy Spirit so she may fulfil all that has been told and asked of her.

She is but one amongst billions, that You have chosen to help us achieve our rightful inheritance.

Guide her to the fullness of Your grace and the fulfilment of Your Holy Scripture.
Through the Precious Blood Your Son shed we ask You Almighty Eternal Father to bless her and strengthen her until all is complete. Amen”

** Again, this prayer is man-made.  It is not a part of The Book of Truth.  You are under no obligation to pray it.

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