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"Call these prayer groups Jesus to Mankind and leave the rest to Me." – Monday, September 3rd, 2012 @ 10:08



Praying from the heart means we take our time between sentences, thinking about what we’re saying and projecting it through our heart, with feeling.  Take a look at this article for proper inspiration from Saint Louis de Montfort.

The rosary is a powerful weapon and here are some of the reasons why and the benefits it promises.


While we understand that faith is a free gift from God, we offer these words of testimony from the Maria Divine Mercy Friends blog site in hopes that you’ll at least discern and pray for the gift of faith about this Mission.

“On 10/19/2015 I was doing my crusade prayers in front of the Holy Eucharist through, as I was reciting the prayers nothing particular happened, but when I got to crusade prayer 103, the shadow behind the Most Blessed Sacrament pictured my Lord, Jesus… with the crown of thorns, beaten, with much blood in His face… I continued my prayers and when I got to crusade prayer #130, beside our Lord’s face then our Blessed Lady showed with a crown of roses.”

— RC Saint Petersburg

A Few Prophecies and Some News Items

No one is qualified to interpret the Book of Truth for anyone.  So please don’t be tempted to use this page to try to convince anyone of anything.  You won’t do as well as you would like and may even turn others against the Mission.  We offer this page only as a method of encouraging others to join our Jesus to Mankind Crusade of Prayer for the salvation of souls.

Allow the Holy Spirit lead you where He will.  Think of this page as being dedicated to those things that encourage you to start a Jesus to Mankind group in your area.

Please say these prayers before you begin: Other Prayer 8, Other Prayer 13, Other Prayer 18, Crusade Prayer 74 & Crusade Prayer 86

Above all, please pray for the conversion of all souls, including our own, for the love of those who sin differently than we do and for Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis as well.

The Eucharist as Community

This Message and this article (3 Sept 2019)

The Schism

These Messages and this video (10 July 2017)

This Message (30 July 2012) and this article (14 November 2017)

Great Accolades

This Messages (27 April 2014) and this article (15 January 2018) 

The Sun is Slowing Losing its Lustre

This Message (24 October 2014) and this article (15 December 2017)

 ‘Legitimate Redistribution’ of wealth

This Message (6 October 2013) and this article (9 May 2014)

Invisible to Your Enemies

This Message (16 May 2012) and this testimony (circa 12 July 2014)

Only by the Hand of God

This Message (9 June 2014) and this article (5 August 2014)

Great Division

This Message (18 January 2012) and this article (13 October 2014), Amoris Laetitia Paragraph 305 and Council of Trent Canon XVIII or even Romans 6:1-2

New Oath to Remain Faithful

This Message (18 August 2013) and this article (13 February 2017)

Priest against Priest

This Message (December 23 2012) and this article (20 November 2017)

Bishop against Bishop

This Message (December 23 2012) and this article (4 April 2018)

Cardinal against Cardinal

This Message (December 23 2012) and this article (15 February 2017)this article (1 February 2017) and this video (17 February 2017) and this article (9 February 2018)

“Contained in Public Revelation”

This Message (8 November 2014) and this footnote on Daniel 10:21

“Book of Truth Which Reveals the Contents of the Book of Revelation”

This Message (8 March 2012) and Revelation 10

Pope Benedict Resigns Exactly a Year Later

This Message (11 February 2012) and this article (11 February 2013)

He Will Be Called Breath of Fresh Air

This Message (5 March 2011) and this Google search

Humanism / Anthropocentrism

This Message (10 December 2012) and this article (6 June 2014)

“Peter the Roman is My Peter”

This Message (12 April 2012) “Peter the Roman, is My Peter” and St Malachi’s (one of our Jesus to Mankind approved patron saints) prophecy: last Pope = Petrus Romanus

Denying the Existence of Hell

These Messages (12 January 2014 & 4 April 2014) and these articles (CNS News, Lifesite News, Newsweek & WND)

Arms Pulled from Their Sockets

This Message (19 July 2012) and this article (Lifesite News)

Worst Crisis in the History of the Church

This Message (7 June 2011 & 25 July 2011) and this article (Reuters)

Those who oppose him will be persecuted

This Message (12 April 2012) and this article (Lifesite News)

Do you know of any more encouraging Messages and news items? Please let us know:

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