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Promises of the Medal of Salvation

The 7 Promises of the Medal of Salvation

1. The gift of conversion. Gift of Salvation. Convert those who are open to the Mercy of God. July 18, 2013 & Sept 14, 2013
2. Protects us against Heresy May 5, 2014
3. Will be shown Mercy by Jesus. January 20, 2014
4. Many Miracles to be associated with this medal. January 20, 2014
5. Those who do reject it or try to prevent others from accepting it will be denied salvation Jan 20, 2014
6. Safeguards you against the power of the antichrist. Feb 7, 2014
7. More powerful than any other medal. Feb 20, 2014

Where to Get the Medal of Salvation:

Link to the Medal of Salvation on the Dove Distributors website

All those who receive the Medal of Salvation must recite this Crusade Prayer (115) For the Gift of Conversion:

O Mother of Salvation, cover my soul with your Tears of Salvation. Rid me of doubts.

Lift my heart, so that I will feel the Presence of your Son.

Bring me peace and solace.

Pray that I will be truly converted.

Help me to accept the Truth and open my heart to receive the Mercy of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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