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"Call these prayer groups Jesus to Mankind and leave the rest to Me." – Monday, September 3rd, 2012 @ 10:08

Website Guidelines

These are the guidelines we strive to follow as members of this website.  We encourage you to follow them as well.


1. Follow Jesus’ instructions. Agree to His Direction. Place all your trust in Him.

2. Keep in touch with your Jesus to Mankind group, the Crusade of Prayer, Scripture, The Book of Truth, and, where possible, Maria Divine Mercy.  She will be instructed, by Jesus.

3. Do not let these posts steal you away from prayer. Pray from the heart – slow and steady like you’re talking to someone next to you.

4. It is recommended that if you have difficulty in understanding a particular Message that you pray about it.

5. Discussions of the Messages should be limited to direct and exact quotes from the original Messages. It is highly recommended that all pray for discernment regarding the Messages because of the great danger in misinterpreting them.  “I Am instructing you now to never attempt to interpret the Messages from My Divine Lips. I have told you this many times and you have not been given the authority to do so. Instead, accept My Messages as they are.”

6. Jesus desires that no messages from other visionaries – true or false – be on the same website with these Messages, because of the enormity of what these Messages represent to the world.

7. Jesus desires that no donations be requested on websites containing these Messages. These Messages must stand by themselves.

8. Spread and multiply the Crusade Prayer Groups. All people of good-will are welcome. Jesus to Mankind Prayer Groups must be set up everywhere.

9. Avoid the distractions, which cause division. Do not contemplate negativity or create fear amongst yourselves.

10. The evil one and his demons will torment as many as they can in order to take them away from Jesus. Do not allow yourself to be a conduit of this torment.

11. Seek out the comfort of each other, remain united and rejoice.

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