We are not permitted to modify any words of the Crusade Prayers at all.  But I think we might be able to put a few of them to music to add more joy to your prayer gatherings and commit them to memory faster.  I can imagine us singing Crusade Prayer 139 because it’s short, rhymes and has a bit of a cadence to it.  Take a look and let us know if you can come up with a tune that goes with it.  Remember, don’t change any of the words.

Crusade Prayer 139: For the strength to defeat evil

Dear Jesus, protect me from the evil of the devil. (14 syllables)

Cover me, and all those who are weak and defenseless (13 syllables)

in his presence with Your Precious Blood. (9 syllables)

Give me the courage to deny him (9 syllables)

and help me to avoid any attempt by him (12 syllables)

to engage me in any way, every day.(11 syllables)