This video claims that the schism has already begun (click picture below for link).


Prayers for Discernment:
Open your heart to receive the Word of Jesus
Prayer for enlightenment at this time
Prayer for the Graces of Wisdom, Calm and Discernment
Crusade of Prayer 74: For the Gift of Discernment
Crusade of Prayer 86: Release Me from the Torment of Doubt

Here are Messages from the Book of Truth that have prophesied a schism in the Catholic Church

Message from 27 February 2012
“The schism in My Holy Church is about to develop quickly. Priest against priest. Bishop against bishop.”

Message from 3 March 2012
“My Son must intervene and guide you now as the schism within the Church will erupt soon. Wake up children. You must embrace the truth. The world will now change beyond recognition.”

Message from 13 March 2012
“Examine your reasons for rejecting My words. Is it because you do not want to hear the truth of the schism which is to grip the Catholic Church? Is it because you do not accept that the Church has been infested by the deceiver? Don’t you understand that this has all been foretold?”

Message from 20 March 2012
“The great schism will be witnessed by the whole world but it will not be seen to be the case immediately. The false pope is waiting to reveal himself to the world. Children do not be deceived because he will not be from God.”

Message from 7 April 2012
“My dearly beloved daughter the schism I spoke of has begun in the Catholic Church. My teachings, which have never changed since My Holy Scriptures ended with the Book of Revelations, are now being challenged.”

Message from 30 July 2012 – Crusade of Prayer 70
“‘O dear Jesus, help Your sacred servants to recognize the schism within Your Church as it unfolds. Help Your sacred servants to remain firm and true to Your Holy Word. Never let worldly ambitions cloud their pure love for You. … Amen.’

“My sacred servants are the backbone of My Church. They are the first in line to face a terrible onslaught of attack from Satan at this time. Help Me to steer them on the path to salvaging the remnants of My Church as it heads into the schism which will be created by the False Prophet shortly.”

Message from 1 November 2012
“Many events, including ecological upheavals, wars, the schism in My Church on earth, the dictatorships in each of your nations – bound as one, at its very core – will all take place at the same time. So many disruptions will cause many tears and gnashing of teeth, but one thing will remain intact. That will be the Power of God and His Love for all of His children.”

Message from 11 November 2012
“Remember we are now preparing for the fallout of My poor sacred servants, which will be as a result of the coming schism, which is to erupt in the Christian Churches. So, while the remnant army will be led by priests and other Christian clergy, many will be lay servants, as this will be a time where there will be a shortage of priests. You, My disciples, will need to gather and store Communion Hosts for they will be difficult to access. Those amongst you, who are Roman Catholics, will need to hold Masses in refuges or Churches of safety.”

Message from 14 November 2012
“The schism in My Catholic Church will soon be made public. When this is done it will be to the sound of applause for those who have separated the Truth of My Teachings from the Commandments laid down by My Father. The planning and co-ordination of this grand scheme has taken some time, but soon they will announce the schism before the world’s media. … To those faithful priests, I tell you this. I will bless you with the Graces to understand the Truth at all times. Such idols, presented to you as the Truth, are but clay. They are made of wooden objects. They are nothing. They do not have any meaning. No Graces will be emitted. God, the One True God, will simply not be present in their churches. Only the Living God can be present in My Churches. When God the Father witnesses this final insult, He will exile those who bring alive these pagan practices. Then He will demand an explanation from those who cause the schism in His Holy Church on earth – these same servants who arrogantly dismiss the Word of God so casually.”

Message from 13 February 2013
“They, the wicked group have begun their campaign, to rid the earth of the Truth of My Teachings. My Holy Vicar has been forced into this action and will suffer greatly as a result. Masonry has infiltrated My Church on earth and soon the schism, as foretold, will create division and disquiet amongst My faithful servants.”

Message from 17 February 2013
“My dearly beloved daughter, the schism within the Catholic Church, as foretold, will now be witnessed, for all the world to see. The departure of My dearly beloved Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict XVI, marks the beginning of the end. I have, through you, My chosen prophet, over the last two years, tried to prepare My Church on earth for this sad event.”

Message from 14 March 2013
“The time for the schism to be laid bare is close, and already, a terrible unease is being felt in Rome. When the Holy Spirit clashes with the spirit of evil, a line divides down the middle so that two sides emerge. The great divide will descend quickly. Then many of those who have been deceived by the liar will run back into My Sacred Arms for protection.”

Message from 2 May 2013
“And so the schism will begin. Those who follow the false doctrine, where I, Jesus Christ, am not revered, will be torn to shreds by the beast and his demons. Those innocent servants of Mine, who have not accepted these Messages so far, will now come running to Me for comfort. My prophecies do not lie, and very soon many of these poor souls will be cast away from the Holy See. They will be accused of crimes against the Seat of Peter and will be publicly humiliated in My Holy Name. … Soon, many of you will see clearly what I have warned you about. The schism will be vicious and a war will ensue between Truth and lies. It will bring the Catholic Church down, until it resembles a heap of stones, but the One True Church will remain standing tall, as My faithful servants build up My Remnant Army. They will fight until the bitter end to uphold the Holy Word of God.”

Message from 24 May 2013
“I cannot create schism within My Church, for then I would be denying Myself. My Body is the Church and It can never die, but It will be those within it, who will reject Me. Just as I was rejected the first time, they will, this time, try to destroy Me, before I come to bring the final salvation promised to man.”

Message from 20 November 2013
“I must ask that you endure the pain you will feel, because of the separation of humanity from Me, Jesus Christ. This will be caused by the schism in My Church on Earth. By accepting this suffering with complete submission, I can conquer the grip, which the evil one exerts over those who are too weak to proclaim the True Word of God. You must never fear this Mission, for it is given to the world because of the Generosity of My beloved Father. He simply wants to reclaim His Creation, intact, so as not to lose one single child of His.”

Message from 25 December 2013
“When those who say they are of My Church do not venerate My Holy Word, but instead, embrace and try to control the world’s politics, then they can never say they are of Me. The time has come for the division – the schism foretold – to take place and it will be swift.”