Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Our Mother of Salvation wishes to assist Jesus Christ in this His final Mission, His final Plan to complete His Father’s Covenant to bring salvation to every soul. 

Please start the Novena of Salvation on June 4

I now give all of you a special Gift, blessed by my Son, so that all souls will be granted immunity from the fires of Hell and be granted salvation. My Son desires that every soul be saved, no matter how grievous their sin. I ask that you now begin the Novena of Salvation. You must begin this immediately and continue it, as I instruct you to, to the end of time.

Prepare for the Feast of Our Mother of Salvation

Please make a list of all those in spiritual darkness to present to Our Mother of Salvation, for example (Priests and Religious, Politicians, Witches, Satanists, Abortionists, TV, music and movie industries, family, friends etc)

“You must ignore the spirit of evil at all  times and pray to me, your beloved Mother, on this special day, in the years ahead, for special Graces. I declare this day, June 04, 2014, as the Feast Day of the Mother of Salvation. On this day, when you recite this prayer, I will intercede on behalf of all souls for the Gift of Salvation, especially for those who are in great spiritual darkness of the soul.”

If possible go to Mass to receive confession and communion, offer your Mass for the Salvation of Souls

Mother of Salvation
You must recite this Prayer for a full seven consecutive days during one calendar month, commencing on Mondays, in the morning time. You must recite it three times during each of the seven days and on one of these days you must fast.

Crusade Prayer (130) Novena of Salvation Crusade Prayer:
Sunday, December 1st, 2013 @ 16:12
My beloved Mother of Salvation, please gain for all souls the Gift of Eternal Salvation through the Mercy of your Son, Jesus Christ. Through your intercession, I plead that you will pray to release all souls from bondage to Satan. Please ask your Son to show Mercy and forgiveness for those souls who reject Him, hurt Him with their indifference, and who adore false doctrine and false gods. We beseech you, dear Mother, to beg for the graces to open the hearts of those souls who are most in need of your help. Amen.

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