Mother of Salvation: Hatred is hatred. There are no two types. They are the same

Saturday, February 4th, 2012 @ 10:09  

My child, evil is spreading in certain quarters of the world rapidly.

While wars are being orchestrated with hatred in souls, the Holy Spirit, at the same time, floods the souls of others in different parts of the world.

The battle of souls has begun. Good against evil.

My child, never assume that those hardened of soul are those with no belief or with lukewarm faith. Many compassionate believers in my Son, Jesus Christ, will now be turned by temptation. Their minds will be filled with doubts that will make them blind to the Word of my beloved Son as He speaks to the world through you, my child. Their hatred, as they turn on His Holy Word will be just as powerful as the hatred shown by murderers towards their victims. Hatred comes from the deceiver.

Lies are spread by the evil one, who uses weak souls to undermine the Truth. Hatred is hatred. There are no two types. They are the same.

The pride of those loyal souls will now be stirred as a final attempt is made by the evil one, to prevent these most urgent Messages for the world, from being spread.

My Son needs the support of His beloved followers to form His Army on Earth. This Army will stem from His loyal followers. Be assured that it will be this group whose hearts will be hardened first.

You cannot harden a soul that is already in the dark. And so it will be the souls who are in the Light, who will be tempted by the deceiver. They will then spread lies to hurt my Son and delay this Work. They will not understand that this is happening to them because they think it will be their duty to defend the True Word of my Son.

By finding fault with these Messages He gives to you, my child, my Son will be tormented.

The very foundation of His Church will turn their backs on Him shortly. They will deny Him and then they will crucify Him again.

Pride prevents them from opening their eyes when He stands before them now with loving and open Arms. My child, I urge that all of God’s children unite as one and fight for the salvation of all souls.

So many are not listening, my child, to these Messages now, but after The Warning takes place they will. Pray, pray, pray for those souls who inflict hurt, slander and spread untruths about you. I will now give you a Crusade Prayer to ask for protection for all my visionaries and those chosen by God the Father to spread His Most Holy Word on Earth in these times.

Crusade Prayer (25) For protection of visionaries around the world

“O God of the Most High, I plead with You to offer protection to all Your holy messengers in the world.

I pray that they are protected from the hatred of others.

I ask that Your most Holy Word is spread quickly all over the world.

Protect Your messengers from slander, abuse, lies and every kind of danger.

Protect their families and cover them with the Holy Spirit, at all times, so that the Messages they give to the world are heeded with contrite and humble hearts. Amen.”

My child, pride is a trait, which is most displeasing in the Eyes of my Father. It is more painful for Him when the sins of pride invades the souls of devout and holy souls when they refuse to accept the Truth of His Holy Word given to the world today, through His messengers.

They must ask for the Gift of true discernment, which will only be granted, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, to humble souls, with a pure heart, empty of pride and arrogance.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

Wars involving Iran, Israel, Egypt and Syria interlinked

Saturday, February 4th, 2012 @ 10:55  

My dearest beloved daughter, your loyalty to Me is tested every day. So many try to stop you in your work for Me, yet they cannot do this because of the holy protection afforded you, from the Heavens. Those who try to inflict pain, suffering and abuse on you will be punished. I will not tolerate such action.

Remember it has been foretold that no man can stop the Fire of the Holy Spirit, which will pour forth from My Most Holy Messages, for the whole of mankind.

I ask, therefore, that you continue to ignore the obstacles placed before you and ignore the hatred, for it comes from Satan.

Engage with hatred and it spreads.

Ignore it and it will die, because it cannot find the nourishment it needs to grow and fester.

Now I want you to tell My children that the events foretold in the Book of Revelation are now unfolding in the world.

My children must not be frightened because their faith and their prayers will help dilute the effects of war, genocide, famine and apostasy.

Wars will emerge which involve Iran, Israel, Egypt and Syria. All will become interlinked.

So too, will Italy suffer the fallout, which is connected to the rise of the false prophet and his partner the antichrist.

Pray hard that all countries are not drawn into a global power, which will control your money, for should they succeed, it will be very difficult.

Pray to God the Father, so that He can stave off such atrocities.

Prayer for the souls of others will save your own souls. That is all I ask. Prayer. Pray too, for conversion. It is not long now for all things to make sense, My daughter.

All will be well, once conversion takes place, after The Warning. Go now and tell my children never to fear when they proclaim My Word. I will be standing beside them. If they are mocked they can be sure of the Truth of this, My Most Holy Word.

Your beloved Jesus

God the Father: World to undergo a Chastisement – My Intervention is necessary

Saturday, February 4th, 2012 @ 15:00  

My daughter, the world is about to undergo a chastisement as a result of the terrible sin being waged by mankind.

While much of this chastisement has been averted, My Hand will fall now on the wickedness, which is being perpetrated in every corner.

So much hatred for Me, God the Father, must be stopped or My children will suffer an even greater horror.

I now prepare the world for the changes required to purify the Earth, so that it is according to My Plan to save humanity.

So many souls are tormented by sin.

I Am the God of all Creation and I will not sit back and watch My children destroy each other.

My daughter, there is a wicked plan to destroy much of humanity through war. These wars are not accidental. Have you seen how many are taking place, in so many nations, everywhere? This is by the hand of the antichrist, who awaits his moment of glory on Earth, patiently. He, when nations are on their knees, will march in and create a false peace of his own devious making. This will be a mask of deceit.

My punishment will be unleashed on those nations who partake in this great deception to control the world through the seizure of nations. Be strong, My daughter, for this period, when the Earth will shake, will not last long. It is necessary in order to wake up My children.

They, My children, have been warned, but My Voice is detested. My poor children who live good lives and who watch in dismay at the evil in their world must understand that My Intervention is necessary.

If I do not stop what is happening then much of mankind will be destroyed. Pray that My children will pray for peace in your countries. Never be afraid to proclaim My Word even if you are persecuted. For just one soul, who professes their faith aloud, is enough for hundreds of conversions.

Go in peace. The time has come for Me, God the Father, to sanction the breaking open of the Seals. Only then will humanity accept that they are powerless.

They do not control the world for it cannot be so.

Only the Creator of all Mankind has the Power over Satan and now I will unleash a punishment on those cold hearts and dark souls, who have pledged their allegiance to him.

The final stages of Purification will now commence.

God the Father

Man must strive, at all times, to be like Me

Monday, February 4th, 2013 @ 22:45  

My dearly beloved daughter, as the calamities grow, all around the earth, on a simple level, man must strive, at all times, to be like Me.

In your daily lives, it is important to treat others as I have taught you, during My Time on earth. You must always think, first, before you take any action, which will affect another person in ways, which could cause conflict. When you are asked for help, give it. If someone creates a row with you, which you know will cause hurt to others, you must stop this. How you communicate with others will have a direct effect on your peace of mind. Treat others unfairly, speak ill of them or try to cheat them, and you will do this unto yourself. For I will Judge you, as you treat others. Anything good within your hearts can be nurtured to enable you to become a vessel, so you can treat others as I would treat them. For, every action you take to please Me gives great Glory to God.

Always seek out the Truth in your daily lives, as it will help you in your struggle against the evil, which you will find  yourselves pitted against, during every stage of this journey with Me.

Your Jesus

God the Father: I desire that you accept the Truth, not with doubt in your hearts, but with love and trust

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 @ 15:00  

My dearest daughter, today is a special day, as I have finally been given the gift of your complete acceptance of this Mission.

When I touch the hearts of souls, whom I Call upon to proclaim My Word, it is overwhelming for the chosen soul. My Presence shocks, as well as soothes. It causes a tremendous upheaval and this requires the soul’s complete trust. It is frightening for all who witness My Intervention, as it commands great discernment, because of the conflict of emotions which are created in the soul.

The soul, at first, is weakened by the sheer force of the Presence of the Holy Spirit and the body feels heavy. The senses are sharpened and the intellect is dulled. Soon afterwards, there is a natural urge to question what is happening and doubts can set in. But the Presence of the Holy Spirit is impenetrable and will remain so until My Will is done, as long as the soul accepts that which is expected of it. Then the longing for clarity, along with a need for reassurance, engulfs the soul. And while it seeks comfort and courage, the Force of the Holy Spirit cannot be halted, stopped or withheld.

The willingness of the soul to allow itself to become an instrument of the Holy Spirit, in order to proclaim the Truth, means that it is powerless to influence the Word, interfere with it or tamper with it in any way.

The human intellect fights it, from time to time. While the soul is soothed by the Holy Spirit and is no longer fearful of It, there is always the hope that life will continue as before for the soul, when the Mission is over. But of course, this is not always the case. So in this, My Mission to gather My children and take them to safety into My World without end, there is no end to this Mission. It will remain in place up to the last Day. Now that you accept this fact and no longer desire any other alternative, you can finally find peace in your heart, My daughter.

Children, it is only when you finally accept My Gift to the world of the Book of Truth that you will find peace in your hearts. It is only when you accept that I, God the Most High – All that Is and will Be – communicate to the world at this time, will you be able to trust in Me completely.

I desire that you accept the Truth, not with doubt in your hearts, but with love and trust. When you do this, I will flood you with My Peace and Love. Only then will you be filled with joy and happiness. Only then will you be free.

Your Father

God the Most High