Virgin Mary: The evil one will not rest until the Catholic Church is knocked to the ground

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 @ 20:30  

I am the Immaculate Conception. I am the Virgin Mary, Mother of God

My child this poor world is in turmoil and as this continues so, too, will the time for The Warning draw closer by the day.

It is foretold that the hatred for My Son will extend to His Holy Church on earth. This has already happened.

The evil one will not rest until the Catholic Church has been knocked to the ground.

When the Church breaks down two sides will emerge. No matter how much the Church will suffer it cannot, nor will it, die. This cannot be children.

For while God the Father may allow the Church on earth to be dealt the same scourging as that suffered by His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, it will as My precious Son, rise in glory once more.

Never forsake the Catholic Church.

Never deny My Son’s other Christian Churches. For you are all followers of Christ.

All of you with a devotion to my Son must put your differences aside and join together to fight the anti-christ.

Pray for the unification of all God’s children through this special Crusade Prayer (28)

O God of the Most High
We kneel before you to beg for the unification of all your children
In the fight to retain your Christian Churches on earth
Let not our differences divide us at this time of great apostasy in the world
In our love for you dear Father
We beseech you to give us the graces to love one another in the name
Of your Beloved Son Our Saviour Jesus Christ
We adore You
We love You
We unite to fight for the strength to retain your Christian Churches on earth
In the trials we may face in the years ahead. Amen.

Trust in me children to guide you towards the New Paradise and my Son’s reign on earth as it is meant to be.

Your loving Mother
Mother of Salvation

Very soon, a man will come who will profess to be Me

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 @ 20:45  

My dearly beloved daughter, it will not be long now before all prophesies foretold will be unveiled before a disbelieving world.

Even those unclean souls who shun Me, their Divine Saviour and My Eternal Father, will not fail to notice. They will wonder why this is happening and for the first time will finally realise that they do not control their own destiny.

For all their misguided beliefs and their perceived right to personal gain, they will soon realise the Truth.

My daughter, the way forward is to pray that these souls, however lost to Me, do not follow the allure of the antichrist and the false prophet.

Very soon a man will come who will profess to be Me. But of course, this cannot be, for I will not come until the very end.

Yet he will display all the qualities that will deceive poor souls into believing that it is I.

He will perform wonders; great acts of peace, humanitarian deeds and acts of public affection.

He will be idolised and his powers will come from Satan, the king of darkness. So convincing will he be, that when he displays signs associated with the great saints, many of My sacred servants will drop in humility at his feet.

My Word, given to you, the true end time prophet, will be rejected and dismissed as heresy.

I give you, My daughter, plenty of warning now so that as many of My children can be given the Truth before this happens.

Do not be fooled by those who exalt themselves in your eyes as being holy. Never confuse humanitarian deeds as always coming from Me.

The evil one is a liar. He is cunning and will present, at times, a loving charitable exterior.

Watch for those organizations, which are fronted by very wealthy individuals who boast about their efforts to save humanity. Many of them work in secret to denounce My Word.

This type of deception, will be used by the antichrist to recruit well-meaning, but gullible, followers.

Once seduced you will become trapped. Then you will be fooled into accepting the mark of the beast, which you must avoid at all costs or you will become lost to Me, forever.

Be on your guard at all times.

Your task is simple. Remember there is only One God, Three Persons in the Blessed Trinity, God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Anything else that is presented to you otherwise, does not exist.

Your beloved Saviour

Jesus Christ

I Am your Teacher, and through Me, you will understand the Mysteries of My Final Divine Plan

Friday, February 8th, 2013 @ 23:45  

My dearly beloved daughter, if people realised the Gift I Am to bestow upon humanity, where I will raise to life the dead and the saints, who will join those of you granted the Gift of Eternal Life in My Kingdom, you would truly understand then this very special blessing.

To lose a loved one to death, on earth, can be very sorrowful and causes distressing pain. But My Promise to unite you, with those who have died in a state of Grace, as one, will unite all of God’s children in a truly glorious way.

Families will unite. Loved ones will gather together and this will result in a great celebration. All those blessed to be taken into My New Paradise, which offers eternal life, will be astonished by the magnitude of My Great Gift.

Prepare for death. Do not fear it. But, know that Heaven is not easy to enter. Much spiritual preparation is required. When you understand clearly the wonderful life, which awaits you, at My Second Coming, then you will understand what is expected of you.

You must, not only, follow My instructions at this time, you must take on the responsibility of helping Me to salvage the souls of those who have no interest in Me and who have no desire in saving their souls, redeeming themselves before Me, or receiving the Sacraments. This is because they have made a conscious decision to keep My Existence separate from their day-to-day lives. I Am something they may be vaguely aware of  – some spiritual concept, which they cannot understand. The reason is that they are not interested in making the changes, which are necessary if they are to become worthy of My Kingdom.

These lost lukewarm souls are My greatest concern, because their numbers are large, and slowly, they are drifting further and further away from Me. I pine for their souls. The only way I can encourage them is through modern day communications, in order to get their attention. Every stone will be upturned. Everything in My Power will be done to bring them to Me.

Then, finally, there are the souls – through no fault of their own – who have never heard of Me. Who never knew about My death on the Cross, or the implications this bears on the future of their existence. I need to show them the Truth. I need to teach them. I need to make My Messages simple. I need to show them the proof of the existence of their souls, and you, My Army, will help Me to do this.

There will be many tasks required of you in the salvation of all souls, and I, your Jesus, will show you how these are to be brought about. I will instruct you in greater detail and I hope you will respond to My Call, no matter how impossible the task may seem.

Love Me and trust in Me, for I Am your Teacher, and through Me, you will understand the mysteries of My Final Divine Plan. Then all will be done and the world will be ready for My Glorious Return.

Your beloved Teacher

Jesus Christ

Mother of Salvation: My Father will shake the world both physically and spiritually

Saturday, February 8th, 2014 @ 16:00  

My dear child, just as the Holy Spirit, a Gift from God, descended upon my Son’s apostles, so too will It be poured over all those who love my Son in these times.

My Father has many plans, which He will enact, in order to save every single child of His. These plans cover many miraculous events, including the pouring out of special Grace, revelations given to you through these Messages, to ensure that God’s children do not stray along the wrong path, and many other interventions. Some of these interventions will be in the form of ecological punishments. When they become so constant, man will no longer be able to say that floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and hurricanes are caused by man’s neglect of the Earth.

God is in control of the Earth, for He created it. He will decide its fate – no one else – for all Power belongs to Him.

My Father will shake the world both physically and spiritually, while the plans and wicked deeds of the evil one flourish in every nation. Each act of desecration against God will be matched by His retaliations, which will wield an unbearable chastisement. Man’s sin will be fought vehemently by my Father and man must never underestimate the Power of God.

God’s Love must never be taken for granted. He must never be viewed as being weak, just because His Love for His children is unfathomable. His Mercy is great and all those who love God will be spared during the tribulations, which will be unleashed upon humanity, as God is thrown to one side, in favour of false gods and humanity’s obsession with itself.

Pray, pray, pray because all things foretold, in the preparation for the Second Coming of my Son, will commence now. Events will be swift and Satan’s army will storm my Son’s Churches with measured steps, so that few will notice. Then they won’t care, because not long afterwards, they will have so many deceived and within their clutches, that they will no longer have to hide their true intentions.

You, my dear children, must prepare now, remain calm, do everything you have been instructed to do and pray. Stay together. Bring other souls the Truth, pray hard for the conversion of those who do not believe in God and for all those who insult the memory of my Son, Jesus Christ.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation