Satan is wreaking havoc in the world but his days are short now

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 @ 20:45

My dearly beloved daughter, it is now with great urgency that the world and all those asleep to the Truth of My Teachings must listen to My Holy Word. As the turmoil will continue to escalate in the world, you must now stop and contemplate on the Scriptures – what you have been told about the changes, which will be witnessed on Earth if sin continues.

Even for those of you who doubt the Existence of God the Eternal Father, or Me, your Divine Saviour, will see sin being committed daily, in front of your eyes. Whether this occurs during your personal encounters in everyday life, in newspapers, broadcast media or the Internet, it is hard to ignore. Even those of you who are tolerant in your acceptance of sin are shocked at the levels of depravity you are forced to witness.

What do you see? What shocks you the most? Is it the vicious violence you are privy to on television, viewed from the comfort of your own home? The murders, which are carried out and condoned by governments in the name of justice? Or is it the depravity displayed by obscene pornography, which is presented as art? Is it the lies proclaimed by deceitful fraudsters behind the legal system, where they can afford to buy their freedom from punishment? Could it be the hatred shown by man against strangers they meet on the street? Is it the terror felt by ordinary citizens at the hands of their own government? There are so many grievances against the Laws of Moses, the Commandments, being enacted now that it is impossible to fathom all, so much, at once.

Law and order have disappeared. Love and generosity shown by neighbour-to-neighbour is disappearing quickly. Even those faithful servants of Mine, who act in the Name of God are no longer leading their flock.

This chaos is caused by the king of deceit, Satan, the evil one, who goes to great lengths to hide his identity from mankind. A coward, he works using his powers to seduce. Make no mistake, for he has powers, which he uses to destroy mankind. He turns man against man. Brother against brother. Neighbour against neighbour. And all with one goal, that is to quickly wreak havoc in as fast a period as he can. He will never stop tormenting you, My children. Face up to his reality. Accept his existence. For non-believers it is only when you finally understand the truth of Satan’s existence that the truth will sink in, and that is that God the Eternal Father really does Exist.

Just remember that Satan’s days are numbered. Don’t let him win. Pray for all those in the world, so they don’t fall into the trap of hatred that he lays down to ensnare God’s children. He does this, not just out of hatred for you, My children, but for the hatred he feels towards Me, Jesus Christ and My Eternal Father. He will not rest until he causes the maximum damage.

Pray, pray, pray that his strength will diminish. Especially pray the Holy Rosary, for that is the prayer that will crush Satan.

When I return to Earth, remember there will be only one path to eternity and that is the one you need to walk down towards Me.

Your beloved Saviour
Jesus Christ

Holy Spirit will descend this Sunday. The second outpouring by the Power of the Holy Spirit

Friday, May 4th, 2012 @ 21:05

My dearly beloved daughter, when you feel that this Mission is difficult, to convince all of God’s children to acknowledge the Second Coming and that it will be accepted as good news for all of God’s children, just remember this.

Just as every single person is made in the Image of God, My Eternal Father, so too does the Light of My Father shine, in some way, through every soul.

Look into the face of every one you meet and you will see a glimpse of God the Father.

It may be just a look, a smile, a gesture or tenderness, but it is there.

There is good in everyone, even hardened sinners. In some this goodness is wholly enveloping and draws people towards the person blessed with this Gift, like a magnet. In others it is but a glimmer, but present all the same.

When you look into the eyes of someone whose behaviour towards others is cruel you can still see a ray of hope, because of the presence of the Light of God. It is the Light in the souls of God’s children that needs to be rekindled through My Messages of Love and Hope. The stronger the Light, the more purified the person. The more people who are purified by the Light of God, the more purified will be the Earth.

As God’s Light becomes stronger in the souls of believers, then the work of evil will dwindle, because darkness cannot abide the Light.

This is why, yet another outpouring of the Holy Spirit, is being bestowed all over the world now.

This is the second outpouring by the Power of the Holy Spirit, since the 10th of May 2011.

It precedes My Great Divine Mercy and will ensure that the Light creates a new understanding in the souls of believers.

This Holy Spirit will descend upon the whole world this Sunday the 6th of May, 2012.

Many will feel peace and love. I urge all to pray for this Gift to drench their souls, so that they will feel God’s Love and respond to His call.

Prayer (51) For the Gift of the Holy Spirit

“O come Holy Spirit. Pour Your Gift of Love, Wisdom and Knowledge over my humble soul. Fill me with the Light of Truth, so that I can discern the Truth of God, from the lies spread by Satan and his angels. Help me to grasp the Torch and spread the Flame of understanding to all those I meet, through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

Go in love, light and peace.

Rest and allow My Holy Spirit to descend upon you.

I love you,

Your Precious Jesus

It was the sin of pride which caused Lucifer to fall and to be cut off and thrown into the abyss

Saturday, May 4th, 2013 @ 23:35

My dearly beloved daughter, as My Word reaches many ears, I come to warn those amongst you who will not listen to Me. What do you fear? Is it My Word or the changes which you will have to witness as the purification continues? Don’t you know that I do not bring you new Teachings, for this is not necessary?  I only communicate with you to remind you of the Truth.

So many of you believe you know so much about Me, but you have learned nothing. Who are you to say you are better than others in the Eyes of God, when it comes to interpreting My Holy Word? Who are you to believe that you have the authority to blaspheme against Me, and then say that you love Me? You will not be able to stop Me through the prophets, in reaching out to God’s children. You must ask why it is that you hate My Voice? How can you love Me when you tear My Words apart, when all I Am doing is to help you prepare for My Great Day?

Man is very weak. Even those devout souls are weak, though their love for Me is strong. Let no man believe that he can ever walk before Me without the shame of sin on his soul. Not one amongst you is worthy to stand before Me, yet I grant you the Mercy of My Love. It is not that you are deserving of this, it is simply because I chose to grant you this Gift.

To those of you who claim to speak with great knowledge of Me and then spit with a cursed tongue against My prophet – know this. Your faith will not save you when you curse the Word of God. Your self-proclaimed love of God is meaningless when you judge one of His children before Him. You are cutting the umbilical cord, which binds you to My Father, when you show disrespect, anger and hatred towards Me. When you spit at Me, you will become blind and will never see again. When you utter words of hatred, your tongue will be cut out. When you stand up and declare to all your self-proclaimed knowledge of God, you will fall with your legs cut from under you. When you deem My prophet to be evil, you will have no life.

My Word will never die; it will live for eternity. It will trample on those sinners who try to defy the Mercy of God, through these Messages. Reject Me this time and you reject the freedom I bring when I come to gather you, finally, into My Kingdom. You don’t have much time to redeem yourselves in My Eyes before the Great Day. Don’t waste it through the sin of pride. It was the sin of pride which caused Lucifer to fall and to be cut off and thrown into the abyss. All those who follow him, through the sin of pride – the sin which causes so much separation from God – will fall and never rise in the Presence of God.

Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: God would never permit His Word to be changed or misinterpreted to suit man

Sunday, May 4th, 2014 @ 16:23

My dear children, when God sent prophets into the world, they were simply messengers. They were sent to impart the Truth – the Word of God.

Over the centuries, many of God’s children misinterpreted the role of the prophets. Some began to idolize the prophets, instead of just accepting the Word of God and giving glory to God. They created gods of the prophets, and the Messages delivered to the world – including those of my Son, Jesus Christ – became less important than the prophets who delivered them.

Children, the prophets of God, the angels of God, the visionaries and the seers were not worthy of this idolization. They were all simple people with little or no knowledge of Divine matters, which is why they were chosen. The Messages are what are important and the messengers are simply the conduits of the Word. The Word of God, given through the prophets, must never be discarded to one side, while the prophet is elevated upon a pedestal of their own making.

The Word of God must never be ignored. The Image of God must never be replaced by images of His prophets or the saints, who gained His Favour. You may ask the saints and the prophets to intervene on your behalf, but you must never lavish upon them the praise, which must be reserved for God, the Creator of all that is heavenly. The same is true of today. You must honour God first and place Him before all that is. You must adhere to the Word, which was laid down in the beginning and never deviate from it, for it will never nor can it ever change. God’s Word is final.

My Son’s Teachings were made known to humanity when He walked the Earth. They simply explained the Word in greater detail, but they never deviated from the Truth. Today, man is still the same as he was when my Son came the first time. Man is still weak, easily swayed and remains a sinner today, just as was then. If any prophet or man, who claims to speak in the Name of God, tells you that the Word must be adapted to suit man’s modern needs, then you must be on your guard. If you are told that the Word really means something else entirely, then do not accept it. Man, including those who serve God, does not have the authority to tamper with the Truth.

When a man claims to be divinely inspired and then changes the Word to suit a secular world, you must not trust him. God would never permit His Word to be changed or misinterpreted to suit man. Remember, when you idolize a prophet and lavish praise upon him, you offend God. When you accept changes to what is contained in the Most Holy Bible, which contradict the Word of God, then you cut yourself off from the Truth. When you accept falsehoods, as a means to serve God by, on your own terms, then you separate yourselves from God.

Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation