False prophet will be treated like a living saint. Those who oppose him will be considered heretics

Saturday, January 21st, 2012 @ 13:15  

My dearly beloved daughter, My messengers in the world, appointed to spread My Holy Word, have each been given a different role. No two the same.

This is why My messengers must never confuse each Message by comparing them with one another.

You, My daughter, as the 7th messenger, have been chosen, to inform My children of the Truth. Much of My Truth has been given to you already, but much more is to come now.

Because of the secrets contained within these, you will, when they are revealed, be ridiculed, sneered at and made to look like a fool.

These Messages are to help purify My people, including those who accept the calling to follow Me, as well as those souls, empty of love and cold of heart.

Without this cleansing, the Earth cannot be purified. It needs to be purified, in order for it to be made worthy, for Me to walk it again.

My children must rejoice. Fear is not something, which comes from Me.

Fear comes from evil. Yet, you would be forgiven and justified when you fear for those souls who walk in blindness. Not because they cannot see, but because they choose not to see.

Your duty to Me, My beloved Army of followers, is to help Me prepare the way for My forthcoming Divine Reign on Earth.

I need your help. I need your prayers. Your prayers will weaken the work of the antichrist, as well as the false prophet, who will take up position in the Holy See of Rome.

To all My children, you must know that I Am all-forgiving. Even those who are involved with satanic groups, about whom I speak, can be saved from descending any further, downwards to the gates of Hell.

Sin can be diluted, because of prayer. You do not have to go into battle and fight with your fists raised; all you have to do is to pray.

My New Paradise is magnificent, children. So much preparation has been completed, with the same wonders as presented to Adam and Eve, which they rejected, through sin. All is ready.

You, My followers, will benefit from the beautiful New Paradise on Earth, over which I will Reign.

Because you, of this generation, have been selected to enjoy this Paradise, you must not stop in your work to help Me take all of My children, with Me, into My Glorious Kingdom.

My children, be aware, however, that the false prophet will have you believe he is also preparing you for a similar place of paradise.

His lies will enthrall a naïve group of Catholic followers. He will present a wonderful and loving external charisma and all of My children, in the Catholic Church, will be confused.

One sign to look out for will be his pride and arrogance, hidden behind an exterior, false humility. So fooled will My children be, that they will think he is an exceptional and pure soul.

He will be treated like a living saint. Not one word out of his mouth will be questioned./

He will also appear to have supernatural gifts and people will instantly believe he can perform miracles.

Anyone, who opposes him, will be criticised and considered a heretic.

All such souls, accused of being heretics, will be cast aside and fed to the dogs.

All Truth, regarding My Teachings, will be twisted. Everything will be a lie. Persecution will evolve slowly and be subtle at first.

My true sacred servants will have to say Mass privately, and in many cases, not in a Catholic Church. They will have to offer Masses in refuges. Children when this happens you must not lose hope. This will be over within a short period of time.

Just pray for those souls who will, in their pledge to the false prophet, forget about the Blessed Trinity, which is the foundation upon which the Catholic Church is built upon.

Many religions follow just one entity of the Blessed Trinity.

Some honour the Father, others the Son, but all are one, My daughter.

There is only One True God. That is the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, three distinct persons all in One Divine Essence. All religions will be given the Truth, soon, and many will accept this Holy Mystery.

Follow Me towards the path of salvation, for you My followers have a glorious future ahead, but, you must remain strong.

This is the chosen generation, for My New Paradise on Earth.

Don’t reject this glorious Gift of Life, which glitters in all its magnificence. Not one soul will want for anything. My New Paradise on Earth will be an Era of Peace and happiness, without sin.

This is the Divine Will of My Father and has been His promise to mankind, right from the start.

Be joyful and happy, for you have much to look forward to, children.

The trials ahead will pale into insignificance, when you will witness the GloriousKingdom, which is waiting for you.

I love you, children. I know that you love Me. Because of this, I ask you to show love to those who are blind to My Holy Spirit.

Pray for them at every opportunity, so that they can see again the Truth of My Promise, made to mankind when I died, to secure your Eternal Salvation.

Your beloved Jesus

Saviour of all Mankind

My Time, which is entwined with the Divine Will of My Father, is almost upon you

Monday, January 21st, 2013 @ 15:50  

My dearly beloved daughter, My Time on earth may seem to have ended at My Crucifixion, but that was only the beginning.

My Time, which is entwined with the Divine Will of My Father, is almost upon you and, finally, I will come, once again, to envelop humanity into My Sacred Heart.

Much has been achieved, not only by you, My dearly beloved disciples, but by the Faith of My Church in standing up to the persecution inflicted upon My Body on earth by secular governments.

How I love My loyal followers. How much comfort they bring Me, because of their firm and loyal allegiance. The Holy Spirit is rampant in these times and was cast, like a net over humanity, as an antidote to the spirit of evil present in the hearts of men.

Were you, My followers, to see, as I see, the evil spirits who roam the earth seeking a home, you would die of fright. They seek refuge in the human soul and the home they inhabit. Souls who do not love Me, who reject God and who follow false teachings, spread by Satan, including new age organisations – who pose as religious and spiritual organisations – leave themselves wide open to these spirits. Many of these souls would be insulted if they were told that they were carriers of such wicked spirits. They would not believe it, even when they show signs of deep emotional distress.

These evil spirits, and there are many, show themselves to Me where they squirm in blackness before Me. I can see them sneering and spitting at Me from their vile mouths. When they are present in God’s children, they transform the person they have entered, albeit slowly, at first. In time, these poor souls, will spew out obscenities against God and the Laws laid down by Him.  They will promote wicked acts, of every kind, and will go to great lengths to seduce other souls into committing sin. As they increase the speed of their infestation, the Holy Spirit, present in the hearts of My followers, will stage a powerful battle to help eradicate this evil. This is why prayer is so important. Your prayers, offered up to stop the spread of evil laws, which offend God, will be heard and acted upon.

Please continue to recite the Crusade Prayer (87) to protect your nation from evil and so that evil acts of persecution can be mitigated.

Your Jesus

God the Father: Free will, given to humanity, has meant that many of My children were drawn away from Me

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 @ 15:44  

My dearest daughter, My Will be done, as the time for man’s free choice to do what is according to his own desire is drawing to an end.

I gave man free will. It is a Gift. I bequeathed this Gift, along with many others, to My children. Although they choose to follow their own will, over that which I desired for them, I still respect their free will.

I love My children, unconditionally. I could never not love them, although they offend Me in so many ways. Free will, given to humanity, has meant that many of My children were drawn away from Me, in favour of the glittering promises they are tempted by daily, when they crave beauty, wealth, fame and power, all of which lead them away from Me.

I Am their Refuge, but they do not understand this. In Me, they will find the beginning and the end of everything that can bring them pleasure, peace and love.

Although the evil one has used the free will I gave to man to seduce them, I will take all sinners back into My Realm, when they will realise that all they had sought to bring them peace has failed to fulfill them. The time is close for My Kingdom to be complete. Souls will, I Promise you, feel compelled to come running to Me, their beloved Father, when the time comes. Then they will shed the cobwebs from their eyes, the hardened shells of their hearts and the darkness in their souls and seek Me out.

My children, always trust in My Great Love for each of you, for how could it be any other way? You are Mine, like a limb, a piece of My Heart. To push you away and banish you would be like losing a piece of Myself. So, when I make the final Call and after all measures have been taken to win your hearts, make haste. I will be waiting. I will take you and engulf you into My Holy Realm, away from all harm.

On that Day, you will forget your will and become entwined with Mine, because it will be of no use to you, of no interest, because when you come home to Me, we will be united as one.

Your beloved Father

God the Most High

With wisdom comes the ability to see the Truth

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015 @ 20:24  

My dearly beloved daughter, wisdom is a Gift given to man by the Power of the Holy Spirit. For all the riches, powers and precious stones gleaned on earth, which man may gain, he has nothing if he does not possess the Gift of wisdom.

With wisdom comes the ability to see the Truth, which was given by God to the human race through the prophets. Wisdom, unfortunately, is a rare thing in the world today. By succumbing to all things created by man for man, you will fail to see all that is hidden beneath the layers of seductive soothing vapours that cover the world because of man’s pursuit of every pleasure, every act, every word and spiritual stimulation which does not come from God.

Man is born into the world naked, vulnerable and reliant on others to feed and clothe him. He is born with a body and soul and he will leave the world with nothing, including the garments that clothe him. Man learns from man but he must also learn from the Word of God. Any extra knowledge can be a great bonus, but if used unwisely can cause terrible pain to others. If knowledge is used wisely it can fulfil God’s Plan to help and nurture His children.

The human race is being deceived about the Truth. This great deceit sucks the knowledge and the human spirit dry. Sin is no longer merely accepted but is considered a virtue. Virtue is now frowned upon and soon the mere mention of My Name in public will be deemed to be a crime.

The devil’s influence twists the human mind and turns everything back to front. The devil is the antithesis of God and so, if God says that something is right then he, the evil one, will convince you that it is wrong. Right will be deemed to be wrong and an evil deed or word will be declared to be right. All sin, deplorable in the Eyes of God, will be justified and this will include every form of evil.

Sin will never be mentioned in the new world church to come and acts carried out by those who desire to uphold the Word of God will become illegal. And so wisdom, a Gift from God, will be lacking in your society as the human race embraces acts that are condemned by God.

If the world tells you that the Word of God should be ignored, and insists that you participate in acts which amount to mortal sin, then I cannot save you. Man is being urged to applaud every cunning law that denies the Word of God and My enemies are extremely active in altering the course of history.

All good things, which stem from the Christian Faith, will soon disappear, until the day comes when you will be persecuted for receiving the Holy Sacraments. But for every wicked act carried out by those who despise Me, God will pour His Spirit over His Own to counteract this evil. Were He not to do this, there would be little hope in salvaging His children from the grip of darkness. Satan has manifested his influence in every corner of the world. Those he seduces are his willing agents and delight when they overcome all opposition from God’s people, so as to bring the world to its knees. But God, because of His Love for you, will ensure that Wisdom, granted to man through the Power of the Holy Spirit, becomes the armour which His loyal servants will use to steer people away from the smoke of Satan.

The Light of God will shine brightly amongst His people and under His Protection they will uphold His Word and lead others into the Spirit of wisdom. Souls who truly know Me will be drawn to God’s Gift of wisdom, for she will shine like the sun and bring comfort to all God’s people, who will be despised when they openly profess their love for God.

Evil will not, nor can it, overcome the Gift of wisdom, which God will soon bequeath to all those who love Him. Then nothing shall stand in God’s Way as He strides ahead to garner every nation into His Loving and Safe Arms.

All religions, all souls, all nations will be given the Gift of wisdom. But, it can only be received by those who truly love God, for only through their love for Him will they be able to pray for those who want nothing to do with Him.

Your Jesus