Good Friday is the day I desire, and this year especially, to be remembered for what it really means.

Thursday, April 5th, 2012 @ 08:00

Good Friday is the day I desire, and this year especially, to be remembered  for what it really means.

My Father sent me into the world and offered Me as a ransom to save the world from the Fires of Hell.

I came to serve you children not to condemn you. My death was a special grace, free of any obligation on your part other than to accept the hand of Mercy given to you by My Eternal Father.

This gift was offered to allow mankind receive the gift of reconciliation so that they can be made fit to enter My Father’s Kingdom.

Before I was crucified I attended a very important Passover Supper with My Apostles the night before My Death on the Cross.

This Last Supper provides another special gift. The gift of celebrating the Holy Eucharist is a sacrament of love to provide you with a unique gift where you can truly receive Me in Holy Communion.

My true presence, contained in the Holy Eucharist in the world today when celebrated during Holy Mass provides very special graces to those in a state of grace, who love Me, who receive Me.

My presence can be felt in a way which will strengthen your faith when you accept My true
presence in the Holy Eucharist.

If you reject My presence in the Holy Eucharist you reject one of the most significant gifts I left behind when I came to earth to atone for your sins.

I died to save you and this is, in itself, a great gift.

But I left you a very special gift where you can receive Me in mind, body and spirit.

Accept My presence and your soul will become closer in true union with Me.

Accept Me.
Do not forsake Me.
Do not deny Me.

Believe, without any doubts in your hearts, that it was because of the love of God the Father that these gifts were bestowed upon you.

Reflect now on the real truth of My teachings

Do not accept My Crucifixion without accepting the gifts also offered to you at My Last Supper. If you do you will be starving your soul of the food of life.

Your beloved Jesus
Redeemer of Mankind

Not one of you would ever be given the authority to judge another in My Name, for this is not possible

Friday, April 5th, 2013 @ 12:50

My dearly beloved daughter, under your vow of obedience to Me, you must never defend My Messages. Nor do you have the authority to denounce, or criticise, any other visionary, or self-proclaimed prophet, true or false, in My Name.

To those who claim to speak in My Name and who condemn these Messages for the world, know this. You do not have, nor have you sought, My permission to reject, publicly, any one who claims to be a chosen soul. When you declare these Messages to be untrue, you are saying they are lies. Lies can only come from Satan. These, My Holy Messages to the world, warn you of the terrible lies, which he, Satan, feeds the souls of all God’s children. How you have been deceived into rejecting Me, your beloved Jesus, Who cries bitter tears in sadness at the way in which I am being rejected.

Those who say that any man could write these Messages from Heaven insult Me. How can a man write the Words from My Lips, when they come from Me? Do you believe that such Sacred Words could be created by the hand of mortal man? Do you believe that any man, stained with sin, could produce My Holy Word, with no interception from My Heavenly Kingdom? If you do, then you give credence to the capability of man to forge a path of conversion in this way. Man is nothing without God. You are not worthy to speak with authority when proclaiming the Word of God. If you proclaim the Word of God from your own lips, with no direction from Me, then you are guilty of grave error.

My daughter, I must remind you, and all those chosen souls, that not one of you would ever be given the authority to judge another in My Name, for this is not possible.

I call on all those chosen souls of Mine now. Remember My Promise to you that I will come again. Know now, that all of you were given a mission to prepare the hearts of man for My Second Coming. Know now, that this is the very last Mission, dictated by the Holy Trinity. Not one of you has My Permission to denounce this, or any other mission. Do this and you will be cast away from Me.

O how the sins of chosen souls cut Me deeper than any other. Those close to Me, who then betray Me, are the ones who hurt Me the most. When they turn on Me, they cause terrible division and prevent souls from following the path to eternal salvation.

Your Jesus

My final Plan to gather My Church into My Refuge is about to be revealed

Saturday, April 5th, 2014 @ 18:15

My dearly beloved daughter, I desire to give courage and fortitude to each of you, who have been given the Gift of discernment to recognise My Voice, as I speak to the world through these Messages.

As you, My Remnant, march forward, in union with My Church on Earth, you will soon see many people withdraw from the Holy Sacraments. This will be upsetting for you and will then become a torment, because soon they will be desecrated and will no longer be the same Sacraments, which I gave the world. You must never waste time, if you truly believe that I Am speaking with you. Go – gather My priests and those who respond to My Call. Then prepare for the years ahead, so they can feed My flock with the Food of Life, when there will be no trace of My Presence left. 

When all that is of Me and of Who I Am is taken out of My Churches, all that will be left will come from all that I Am not. The devil incarnate will enter My Church and he will infest everyone who bows before him and worships him. He will devour souls for eternity and you must remain alert at all times, for those times which lie ahead. Do not leave yourselves open to heresy, which will invade My Church from both within and from outside of it. You are being prepared now, so you must follow all that I will tell you, so you can save My Church, in so much as you can, from My enemies.

My final Plan to gather My Church into My Refuge is about to be revealed. When I instruct you, you will need great strength and perseverance, for your foe will be the antichrist – and his army, sadly, will be bigger than Mine in size. And so, this will be daunting for you – but know this. It will not have the Power of God behind it and it will never overcome you, once you remain faithful to My Word.

Go in peace and await My instructions.

Your Jesus