Mother of Salvation: When times seem difficult or painful, children, always call on me

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 @ 10:00 – Audio Message

My child, my Son is so happy at the way in which His beloved Army obey His Holy Wishes to recite His Crusade Prayers.These prayers are for modern times, to help all of God’s children to seek the protection they need to deal with the difficult times, which so many souls are facing.

When times seem difficult or painful, children, always call on me, your beloved Mother, to intercede with my Precious Son on your behalf.

Always remember that your personal sacrifices, offered up to God, help to save so many souls on Earth.

Your prayers are always heard.

They are never ignored, but are dealt with according to the Will of my Father.

So you must be patient, children. Always place your full trust in my Son.

Hand Him over all your fears and suffering. Then, you must trust that all will be dealt with, by Him.

For those of you, believers, who find it hard to pray or to keep your love for my Son alive, here is a special Crusade Prayer (47)to help rekindle your love for Jesus.

Crusade Prayer (47) Rekindle your love for Jesus

“O blessed Mother, Mother of Salvation, for the whole world, pray that my love for Jesus can be rekindled. Help me to feel the Flame of His Love so that it fills my soul.

Help me to love Jesus more. Pray that my faith, love and devotion for Him, becomes stronger.

Allay any doubts, which torment me and help me to see clearly the Divine Light of the Truth, which radiates from your beloved Son, the Saviour of all humanity. Amen.”

Go in peace children. Remember when you ask me to pray for you, from the heart, I, the Mother of Salvation, will present your request to my beloved Son.

I will never ignore one request once it is in line with the wishes of my Son and according to the Holy Will of the Father.

Learn to trust more, children. When you trust my Precious Son you demonstrate your love for Him.

If your love is weak then your trust in Him will also be weak.

Only those of you, who humble themselves before my Son, will be blessed with the Graces given to strengthen your faith.

Never give up when you feel despair.

Despair is created by the evil one.

Just turn to me and I will pray for peace to return to your soul.

When you do this you will be able to reject temptation placed by the evil one and you will become free.

Your Blessed Mother

Queen of the Angels

Mother of Salvation

Help Me prepare the world for My Second Coming

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 @ 15:30 – Audio Message

My dearly beloved daughter, humanity must know that the time for Me to present Myself to a disbelieving world is not far away.

All of God’s children who are devout believers must now, out of their loyalty to Me, their beloved Jesus, help Me prepare the world for My Second Coming.

So much time has already been accorded to entice souls back into My Sacred Heart.

This was important, for, without this time, very few souls would be able to enter My New Paradise.

I urge all those, in My Holy Name, to allow Me to guide you, to help you proclaim the Truth of My Teachings in every corner of the world.

Preach My simple Teachings first.

Love of one’s neighbour is expected of all those who say they are followers of Mine.

Speak only of My Second Coming.

Anyone who denounces you, remind them that, My Promise to come again in Glory to Judge the living and the dead, is to be fulfilled during the lifetime of this generation.

My Holy Spirit will flood the souls of those to whom you impart My Holy Word.

But first, you must ask Me for this special Grace. Before I sanction you to do this most Sacred Work, I call on you to ask Me for this Grace through the recital of Crusade Prayer (48)

Crusade Prayer (48) Prayer for the Grace to proclaim the Second Coming of Christ

“O my Jesus, grant me the Grace to proclaim Your Holy Word to all of humanity so that souls can be saved. Pour Your Holy Spirit over me, your humble servant, so that Your Holy Word can be heard and accepted, especially by those souls who need Your Mercy the most. Help me to honour Your Holy Will at all times and never to insult or condemn those who refuse the Hand of Your Mercy. Amen.”

Go now, My Army, for you have been given the armour you need to convert mankind.

You will be ridiculed in your mission, insulted and challenged.

Know that when this happens, that you will truly be a child of God.

Fear not, for I will give you the strength to overcome such obstacles.

I will lead you the whole way. Go in peace and love.

Your beloved Jesus

Mother of God: To be made worthy of His Kingdom, they must be stripped bare of worldly influences

Monday, April 22nd, 2013 @ 16:00 – Audio Message

My child, in order for God’s children to be saved, they must follow the path of my Son. They must accept that, to be made worthy of His Kingdom, they must be stripped bare of worldly influences, which separate them from God.

Those who turn to my Son, as they reach out for the Truth, will see a number of changes take place in their lives. For those who do not know Him and who open their hearts to Him for the first time, they will cry tears. These tears will be as a result of the love which He will instil in their hearts and they will be overwhelmed. These are the tears of conversion. Their hearts and souls will be filled with a love, which they have never known before. This is the Love of God and it is a Gift from Heaven.

Soon afterwards, filled with the Light of God, they will attract the darkness of the evil one, who seeks out souls who are filled with this Light. This is when they will suffer by the hands of others, who are used by the evil one, to attack their faith and their allegiance to God.

Those with a simple love for my Son, empty of all human arrogance and pride – who do not succumb to the pressures of those who denounce my Son – will suffer just as He did. They will feel pain when they witness sin, for they feel the same pain as my Son. They will fall and stumble, just as my Son did on the Road to Calvary. For as long as they live, they will feel the pain of my Son’s suffering. This will stay with them until the final purification of the world is complete.

Never feel that this allegiance to my Son is forever tinged with pain only, because it also brings a joy, a peace and a hope, which bring eternal life.  You must never allow your love for my Son to separate you from all of God’s children. Instead you must reach out to everyone, especially those who have never opened their hearts to my Son. They need your help. Through the Gift of conversion, you have been given the Graces needed to bring these souls to my Son.   You must do this through the acceptance of the pain you must endure, as a soldier of Christ, and by your prayers and sacrifices for others.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

My Teachings are not complicated

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 @ 20:00 – Audio Message

My dearly beloved daughter, no matter how difficult this Mission is, the Truth must prevail at all times.

What good is it if My Word is twisted? What good does it serve? When My Word and all that I Am and Will Be is adapted to suit man’s agenda, then it becomes a falsehood. What does My death on the Cross mean, if it was not to redeem you from sin? Despite the cruelty of My death on the Cross, the meaning for Christians is simple. I redeemed you from sin, but only when you ask Me to do this. If you do not ask, I cannot redeem you.

If you do not accept Me, Jesus Christ, then you will not be able to seek out My Mercy. If you do not seek My Mercy, then I will stand before you and plead with you to do this, so Great is My Love for you.I will stand like a pauper King before you, the sinner. I will reveal to you the Truth, until your eyes will finally be opened and then you will see. Those of you who see the Truth will then stretch out your arms to Me and I will take you into the Refuge of My Heart. So, just as those who know Me, and who will be saved, have an advantage, so also will I give all souls, of all religions and of all creeds, the advantage of showing them the Truth before My Time has come. 

Always remember My Simplicity. I teach you the Truth in simple ways. I taught you to love one another as I have loved you. If you love one another and treat each other as I have shown you, you will be Mine. If you do not show love and respect to others, but judge one another in My Name, then you cannot say you are of Me. My Teachings are not complicated. They do not need to be, for love is at the kernel of all that I taught. Without love for one another in your hearts, then you cannot truly love Me. When you deny love, you will always deny Me. When you deny My Word, then the Love of God cannot thrive in your heart. 

Your Jesus