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Let us know you’re out there and we’ll include your group in this list so we can put you in touch with new recruits from our website.  We won’t disclose your personal information unless you permit.


Are you looking for a group to join? Please contact us by referring to the location and we’ll pass your request along to the group.  We won’t disclose personal information unless you allow.

List of Prayer Groups:

Seeking Location Recruited
1 Mountain View, California USA
1 South San Francisco, California USA
1 Morgan Hill, California USA
1 Cambridge, New Zealand
1 Byford, Western Australia
1 Perth, Western Australia 1
1 Brampton, Ontario, Canada
1 Eganville, Ontario, Canada
1 Italy
1 Dumfries, Virginia, USA
1 Budapest, Hungary
1 Island of St. Lucia
1 Sydney, Australia
1 Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
1 Swindon, Wiltshire, UK
1 Bristol, UK
1 Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK
1 Navotas, Manila, Philippines
1 Madison, New Jersey
1 Parramatta/Blue Mountains region, Sydney, Australia

Request/Include Group Contact Information Here
(please include location):

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