Looking for a Jesus to Mankind crusade of prayer group?  Visit our Form or Join section to list your group or find one there.  Print out the prayer booklets and leave a few at your Church to recruit new members!  The booklets have our website on them so your new recruits can find you by location.  Give it a try!

We have a special set of weekend Message booklets that we use which not only evangelize The Book of Truth, but also act as a way for new Jesus to Mankind prayer recruits can find groups who hand them out by way of this website.  Print out a weekend prayer booklet, read the Messages at your Jesus to Mankind prayer meeting and drop them off at your Church so new recruits who are interested in reading them can reach out to your prayer group through this website!  Just be sure to contact us to make sure your group and location is listed in our Form or Join section.  Happy recruiting!